Sunday, 30 September 2012

Spiral Galaxies in Coffee Cups


Ok I am overtired and slightly ill so while my bath cools down so I can get in it let me share with you something I spotted a while ago but was reminded of today while my hungover brain watched my tea brew in the cup.
So prepare for a silly blog post...

It will link this;

With this;

 Yes my friends I am going to link galaxies and the universe with making a hot drink. Or something!

Ok so the first thing we have to do is put some coffee in a cup.

Now what we are going to do is add hot water and give it a stir.

It is already looking slightly galaxy ish... (well I think)

If we add some milk gently to the drink.


We have a more visable spiral pattern. Although if we add some more milk this pattern will go, however we will also get areas of differing darkness depending upon how much milk is present.

Let us compare a slightly better photo with our galaxy.


Wow... Yes I know its not exactly the same but I do like it as an idea. Imagine for a second that we are in fact nothing more than living in a spiral arm of some milk in a hot cup while it cools. Eventually as the drink cools down to be all the same temperature (entropy in action) then the drink would get drunk ending the universe. Kettle gets reboiled and the universe all starts again. Reminds me of this from the end of Men in Black;

I know, told you it was silly, but at the end of the day its is always fun to think of things from a different angle.

Also I now have a drink!

Happy days.

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