Thursday, 12 July 2012

Students and to do lists

<p>Sorry of this is badly typed I am typing on a bouncy mini bus off to London.</p>
<p>I am having a busy yet enjoyable working week.</p>
<p>Two days so far have been with year 6 students doing forensic science. This has been really enjoyable and it is always nice to work with interested students. It is worrying though just how downhill students can go between years 6 and 9. However the other part of my week the space outreach stuff has been with a group of very active students from the top end of our school. It is really pleasing to hear there experiment ideas and field questions some of their other teachers couldn't help with.

Which sort of brings me to to do lists. Mine get done slowly but I am getting there. Hopefully in a few weeks my to do list will largely be done and I can rock the summer.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Being busy

I always feel as if I have more things to so than are ever possible to do in one week. Yet I also feel like other people have enough time to get stuff done. So what gives?

Firstly I think my natural predisposition towards lazy must kick in. Although this is probably disingenuous to me as when I am interested and keen on doing something I will throw all my energies into it.

However I think in this lies the issue, whilst I am capable of great focus and dedication to a task I do verge on the obsessive. I will do one thing religiously at the expense of others. This often means that I end up with a long list of extra things to do and no real energy to do them.

So maybe I'm not lazy I am just really rubbish at triage?

And this means I often feel swamped by the tasks left over?