Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Half term times

Aaaaaaaand breathe!

The 8 week slog to half term has come and gone. Half term is half way over. Next stop Christmas.

It has been a busy few weeks for me. Especially the final week of the term. Trip to Dover castle (amazing and pretty haunting in the mist) this was followed by a year 10 parents evening (I have 3 year 10 classes) which meant that my day at school lasted until 7.45. Oh and I had notification that I was called to an interview too.

Which meant my Wednesday was taken up with interview preparation. Thursday was the interview day (which I got). Friday - even though it was the end of term - was hand in notice and feel a bit stressed day. Followed by football which was a nice de-stress.  Through is a quick city break to visit friends in Bristol as well as a quiet weekend recovering and before you know it I am facing down Wednesday evening with a to do list still looming over my head.

Ah well could be worse I could still be tired!

Right with not much to blog about - as you might be able to tell - I am going to go and organise my marking. I say organise I mean triage. I say triage I mean move piles around.

Fun stuff!

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