Friday, 2 March 2012

friends and royal mail

So it is official, I am leaving the Briz.

Or to put it more seriously I have a new job starting in sunny Kent!

And it starts in 6 weeks.

Which means I have 4 weeks left at my current job. Which is not a long time in teaching, so I am trying to get all loose ends tied up and everything ship shape before I leave.

The one thing I can't take with me is my friends from Bristol. I know I am going to miss them.

I am going to miss the band - especially as Lost Patients had just started producing some excellent output. Very gutted I will not be around to polish that material and make it as good as it can be with them.

Mostly gutted about leaving the friends I have made at OSB during my time teaching there. Friday nights in the pub are going to be hard to replace, as are some of the chats I have with other friends at school.

It really is a job where the people you work with make the biggest difference.

One thing I wont miss is Bristol post.

So frustrated.

I have some parcels that have gone errant. Which is fine. Yet I can't ring the sorting office to see if they are there. Which is not fine.

In fact its an outrage .

It really is! I didn't want to register a complaint . However a day of off and on trying to ring the sorting office just to see  if they had some of the parcels that I had ordered and being unable to speak to anyone at the sorting office. Well I am registering a complaint.


Bah! Basically Royal Mail have stolen off me.

No wonder someone tried to privatise them a few years ago.

Or something.

Anyway off to drink ginger beer and whisky and listen to radio 4 comedy.

That's how I roll now!

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