Friday, 8 June 2012

Update on snail experiment

Before I begin marking my tests and pretending to be a professional teacher again I thought I would provide an update on where the snail experiments have led me. Albeit slowly (well I am dealing with snails).

Right so what have I found so far.

  1. small snails attempt to get away from the group as quickly as possible - anti predator response.
  2. larger smalls if near each other will crawl all over each other and stay in fairly close proximity to each other
  3. larger snails if away from the group slightly will move away from the others
so what does this mean going forward now? 

  1. research the small snail behaviour only in order to statistically show this is a significant response.
  2. research the larger snail bahaviour only in order to statistically show this is a significant response.
  3. research the above on trial board which has foliage in order to record final snail choices.

There you go, some preliminary research sorted and further research to be getting on with.

However other than the above what else have I learnt?

Well I have learnt that I enjoy the communication of science a lot more than the research side of it. 

Don't get me wrong I love reading up and learning about science but the digesting it and putting it in a more accessible way is something I much prefer to the sitting down and planning a rigorous piece of research.

Although I do enjoy experimenting.


Ah well, where are those tests....?

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