Sunday, 17 June 2012


I think like a lot of people I struggle with a sense of identity in its true form. Scratch that I think most if not all of us spend our times pretending to be something else, something we perhaps aren't really.

Don't worry I'm not about to drop some personal bombshell or some such I am just musing.


Although I have been perhaps thinking above and beyond where I am at now. In the present. A lot of my friends are getting married in a short space of time, I am moving house again and I am hankering after the summer holidays so I can relax. On top of this I continue to do my grass is greener looking to the horizon.

Surely though this means I am missing there here and now? Like a person sat on their phone checking facebook or Twitter rather than engaging the people they are with?

Animals seem to have this pegged in their lives, you stop dealing with the there and then and you may not have a future to bother to yourself with.

I'm not suggesting we suddenly go back to survival of the fittest but personally, I will try my best to stop looking ahead too much and trying to push myself into being something else. Instead I will try to concentratw on who and what I am now. Surely that is more important?

Having said that I'd like my parents cats life of sleep, eat and complain!

Maybe next life I can be a house cat...

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