Thursday, 5 July 2012

Being busy

I always feel as if I have more things to so than are ever possible to do in one week. Yet I also feel like other people have enough time to get stuff done. So what gives?

Firstly I think my natural predisposition towards lazy must kick in. Although this is probably disingenuous to me as when I am interested and keen on doing something I will throw all my energies into it.

However I think in this lies the issue, whilst I am capable of great focus and dedication to a task I do verge on the obsessive. I will do one thing religiously at the expense of others. This often means that I end up with a long list of extra things to do and no real energy to do them.

So maybe I'm not lazy I am just really rubbish at triage?

And this means I often feel swamped by the tasks left over?

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