Wednesday, 8 February 2012

one followed the other

Ok so let me get the basics out of the way.

Year 11's have started finishing their work to achieve their BTEC passes. This makes me very proud. Now I know every man and his/her dog has an opinion on BTEC's but of the classes I teach very few of them would achieve a qualification in science without the BTEC system. So whether it is right or wrong that they get 2 GCSE C pass equivalents is of no concern to me. They get something. That's what matters, sod your league tables and rights and wrongs. My students will get a qualification in science.

Boom! and it was good!

My after school bass lessons increased by one tonight. Normally with Lost Patients I don't use effects pedals, I took them into school today and it blew the lads minds. Excellent! also had a really good rendition of the Mission Impossible theme on the go... Tom Cruise if your reading (which I doubt) I am available for the next film.

So that was all positive. Year 8 and 9 continue to be grotty but then i don't think I am the only one finding that.


Deep and meaningful stuff... maybe?

Mr Gibson's 5 rules for an argument - thanks to my classes for help forming these.

1) If you bring someones Mum (or family) into the argument, you have lost.
2) If you question someones sexuality during the argument, you have lost.
3) If you change the topic suddenly you are admitting, you have lost.
4) If you offer to fight someone during the argument, you have lost.
5) If you resort to swearing at someone during the argument, it is because you have lost.

See how many arguments you can win once you are armed with these...

I had originally wanted to talk about aggression but I couldn't structure the points in my head and keep them positive.

I am worried that as a species we are too hard-wired towards aggressive responses to ever pull together to deal with the big problems that we will face - food, fuel and changing climate (if you believe these things).

But then we only have until the coffee get's drunk anyway.

So we might as well enjoy ourselves...

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