Wednesday, 11 January 2012

11th Day of Good - 11/01/12

This is the hardest blog entry to write so far.

Tough day.

Though no real single reason for it.

Just hard to keep an eye on the prize really

Let's recap the day at school.

Let's not.

Year 8's were ok - got excited about doing a small bit of research with them tomorrow. We are going to find the noisiest part of the school using data loggers.

Managed to sort some ideas for our science club project.

Other than that the day at school was devoid of energy, full of questions, very much bear with a sore head (stiff joints did not help).

Maria knew how to cheer me up so we had a lush dinner with lots of cheese, olives, sun dried tomatoes, ham and ciabatta.

All good for me!

Found a few fun websites to play around on as well.

Nikon have created a universe scale

Epic! Imagine if life could be infinitely small as well as infinitely big...

How amazing would that be.

Also found NASA's be a Martian website which is very cool

In fact NASA have some really good stuff on their website.

Which is handy!

Though I did not find those websites myself but read about them in the BBC Focus magazine

Had a deep and meaningful philosophical discussion with Maria on the nature of life and existence.

Always a fun thing to discuss.

So good things today - experiment, science club, food and intelligent conversation.

Right I am going to finish my day with marking and Blade Runner.

Only one of those might get finished.

Later - tomorrow will be better.

Be a hero, be the change!

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