Monday, 2 January 2012

January 2nd

Loading - Driving - Unloading.

After yesterdays jaunts around the more Northern reaches of the friendship group today was all about return back to the 1 bed home we have in Bristol.
The result of a really relaxing holiday and some good times with those I love means that I am very relaxed about heading back to school tomorrow (for work) even though my to do list has very little ticked off of it.

Car was loaded to capacity and Maria and I convoyed down the M5 in sunshine and clear skies. Got all the cars unloaded and parked up before the heavens opened - which was a blessing.

Luckily Zoltan (my white goldfish) had tidied up after his new years party so the flat was nice and clean. 
Although he could have done a better job of watering the plants!

Blogg is now up and running - might need fiddling with at a future date but for now it will do.

Cuppa has been had and half a bag of bombay mix has been demolished.

Planning while I listen to the football on 5live - good times!

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