Tuesday, 17 January 2012

day 17 - 17/01/12

I will eventually avoid oversleeping.

A few things of note today.

Organised a course for Saturday, makes me feel professional - always good.

Book scrutiny for Friday (by the head) is on year 9 books - which are up to date as we had a departmental book scrutiny on them last week. So no mad rush to catch up marking for me!

Had a very interesting conversation with a year 9 today about evolution vrs intelligent design.

It eventually boiled down to me asking him to bring compelling evidence for intelligent design in to show me. The Bible I told him is only one piece of unverifiable evidence. He claimed there was no evidence for evolution, I think he was getting bored as I was listing all the different evidence that I could think of off the top of my head. I am sure with a bit of research I could find lots more.

I am definitely becoming more atheist the older I become. Some would say I am becoming enlightened, others that I am loosing my way, I believe that religions have a place however I don't feel the need for one. I prefer answers and questions, and the answers backed with evidence.  Science gives me that and my world looses none of its lustre just because I know how things work. If anything the opposite happens and I find the Universe becomes far more awe inspiring when you consider that it all works.

I especially love the fact that we are recycled carbon from space - essentially.

Which would go a long way to explain some of the space cadets I teach. Can I say that? Too late!

Finally my happy place for the day was my year 11 student who came back, without prompting, to complete some coursework.

The best part is that he came to our school halfway through last year with no real understanding of English.

Today he was drawing electron shells and finding atomic mass, number and neutron number independently.

From a periodic table.

Without his phone.

Or my help.

In his own time.

All because he wants to do well.

What a legend.

Can I teach more like that?

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