Monday, 16 January 2012

day 16 - 16/01/12

It's the unexpected some times.

For example I can in most lesson factor in which students are likely to engage with the work without any extra effort from me and which will need to be supported more.

However when a student voluntarily takes themselves from their seat and moves to the front to better write down notes on Red Shift for year 10 BTEC.

Well that's unexpected and amazing.

So is last lesson year 9 on drugs testing after an options assembly - their choices for GCSE etc - and the whole class getting on and being settled and not being disrupted.

All in all a pretty good day.

And how amazing was the last episode of Sherlock - I will keep trying to work out how he did it too!

I won't say any more for risk of spoilers.

Though I think I know.

Although is that because I have worked it out from deduction or is it just that I am used to the way crime writers work? Although the bigger question of course is am I right? 

Which the answer is more than likely no!

A final word tonight is on PSHE and some amazing drawings of what year 8's think a good looking member of the opposite sex looks like.

Especially the lads who drew Lucy Pinder as some kind of bodybuilder...


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