Thursday, 19 January 2012

day 19 - 19/01/12

24 hours. One rotation of the Earth on it's axis.

In the grand scheme of the Universe 24 hours is very little. In our lives as a unit of time 24 hours is a fleeting amount.

However if you look at 24 hours as a microcosm of our lives it can be a very important period of time.

There are examples I could give of people having their lives changed irreversibly in 24 hours. This blog is not about other people though.

Yesterday was a tough day. Emotionally and professionally. Very little seemed to work and I felt I had a run of lessons that were below par both for me and my students. As a result my enjoyment of my day was low and my mood suffered. It happens, it hasn't happened for a while but yesterday was a down day.

Yet today was so different it was as if the day existed in mirror Universes to each other. A bit like this maybe?

The day started with my trick of sleeping in until the last minute and then having to hurry to school - I must improve on this soon!

The day started well having found a BTEC portfolio from the outside recycling bins, the folder having been erroneously binned - or left in the bin, on my part!

Lessons went well but the day really came alive last lesson.

Having promised my hard working y11 something fun for the afternoon I decided to show them flame tests. Essentially spraying liquids into a Bunsen burner flame so that the flame changes colour.

I always get carried away.

The students loved it as the flames whooshed and changed colour. I even sprayed two at ones to mix colours up.

And then the wet table caught fire.

Now this was not unexpected, and not dangerous, however it made me look a bit foolish and made the students a bit worried. Although it did look very impressive on the camera when I watched it back!

That fun over - and I will put the video up over the weekend to show you - school ended and science club began. We set up our mussels experiment to show if they can be used as a biological filter to clean water.

Felt like being a research scientist. I will keep you updated with how the project goes and pop some pictures up of it over the weekend.

Came home and had tapas prepared for me by Maria, it was much needed and very tasty. She is really too good to me sometimes.

Right parents evening finished late and I need sleep.

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