Sunday, 29 January 2012

28th day

I am a day behind on this, I will rectify this as soon as I can!

Got a new phone yesterday, a HTC Sensation or something. All I know is it has a good camera, internet access and all the aps I used to have on my Blackberry.

My Dad is very happy with my old Blackberry. So all is good!

My sister moved into her new house yesterday, the place is lovely and I'm sure she will be very happy there with her boyfriend.

Well once they have unpacked! Though I don't think Becki has enough room for her shoes, she rivals Maria for her shoe collection!

I submitted my reviews for some A level resources, it is nice to feel useful to a wider community sometimes. Though whether the reviews are accepted or not only time will tell.

I still have a huge to do list which is causing some annoyance, I seem to get it down to half a dozen things and then another 2 dozen items get added. Ah well I'm sure this is just a test of character or something?


With regard character I wore my St. Christopher for the first time in a year yesterday, still have it on. That got me thinking.

Now I'm not religious but I do like old stories - when does a story change from a religious parable to an ancient myth by the way? - and the one of St. Christopher is a favourite of mine.

I won't bore you with the story - if you are interested - however the part I really like is the crossing of the river.

The river got swollen and dangerous, the child on his shoulders became heavier and heavier but rather than turn back Christopher forged on and eventually reached his goal, exhausted but safe - as was the child.

Now ignoring the religious overtones - here was a person who was under great stress, but kept going, not because he wanted to but because someone was depending on him not to fail. And eventually he reached safety.

That I think is life, you have a point you want to reach and everything going on makes it tough to get there.

But we can't quit.

It's funny how this all fits in with what I seem to be going through at the moment, a full on difficult time professionally but I can't throw in the towel, which is why I'm marking BTEC portfolio's on a Sunday.

But then again horoscopes fit with peoples days too don't they?

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