Monday, 9 January 2012

Day 9 09/01/2012

I have taken over the schools staff football team. Though only on a caretaker basis. Although I have already sorted this weeks football on Friday so that's a good start!

Lessons went well today - made a model solar system with my year 10's, some compounds from elements with year 11 and covered a year 9 English lesson on Macbeth.

However the main focus of today was sorting stuff out! Finishing putting BTEC work into folders for marking and completion. Organising science club for two nationally run competitions. The first - with a helpful deadline of early February - is to do with water use and has to be linked with local areas.

Quick brainstorm with head of department and it looks like organic ways to clean water systems might be a winner. Bit of student research, some time lapse photography and animation coupled with a controlled experiment of cleaning dirty water using bivalves more than likely muscles and we are away!

Good times.

Went to the gym for the first time in a very long time as well.

I hate gyms.

As a rule that is.

I would much rather be playing a sport.

Although I kind of enjoyed it today.

I stayed longer than I intended to and as a result my arms and shoulders feel very heavy this evening.

However I am glad I signed up, should make a big difference if I keep going and get the football up and running properly.

Made a too do list as well, it seems massive at the moment but lots on it are starting to fall into place, hopefully in the next month it will begin to diminish and look much more helpful.

Maria had a visit to a quarry today.

Sounded very muddy.

Though she did find me a 150 million year old fossil.

Makes me want to get my fossil collection back from my parents.

Although I am a little bit nervous that some of them may not be proper fossils but the wishful thinking of a young boy who really loves Jurassic Park!

Still it's stuff like that you look back on and smile about.

Especially when someone you love causes you to think back on it.

It's a theme - being a teacher - that I keep coming back to, my childhood I mean.

Sometimes it's very tough not to put my memories on top of life today. It is a whole different world now, technology, instant communication, access to adult themes at a younger age.

However whenever I find myself exasperated at having to explain to a 15 year old why offensive language is not acceptable I remember this

'In the day's of my youth I was told to what it means to be a man. Now I've reached that age I try to do all those things the best I can'

And then I try again to explain how they should behave and why.

Sometimes you have to be the change.

Sometimes you are lucky to have someone to show you.

Thanks Dad.

Thanks Grandad.

Thanks Si.

A hero isn't someone who wants us to look up to them for their own ego.

A hero just is.

Obviously my sardines are making me sentimental.

So I shall haul myself off to bed.

Tomorrow has more meetings, teaching, marking and PSHE in store.

Maybe another trip to the gym.

Also - how good is the BBC's Sherlock!

(I have to get stuff in quick before I forget everything I wanted to say...)

Actually I have noticed that happening more frequently. I finish and post the blog and then an hour or so later I think of something else good to put in.

Actually actually, I struggled to find something bad about my lessons at all today - even stuff I knew I could improve on had a positive spin.

Maybe mindset is the key?

Now I'm excited...

How can I make this a scientific test...?



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