Saturday, 28 January 2012

27th day

A slightly delayed blog today. Friday seemed to just come and go, which is nice!

I have changed the layout of the page on the request of Miss Helliwell - I hope this is better.

Year 11's are plowing through their BTEC folders at a pretty good pace, well most of them are, there are still a handful who haven't quite grasped the approaching deadlines.

Main success of the day was the choc-cycle with year 8. This is a way of showing the rock cycle - igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary - using chocolate.

1) Take different types of chocolate - white, dark, milk - and cut or grate them into small bits so you can layer them. This gives you sedimentary rock like sandstone or limestone.

2)  Fold your sedimentary rock into some foil and apply pressure. This squishes up the sedimentary rock making metamorphic - like marble or slate.

3) Heat the metamorphic rock in a tin tray over some boiling water. This melts all the chocolate together making an igneous rock like basalt or granite.

30 learners working in pairs on this was a recipe for molten chocolate mess. However the group worked really well and the experiment worked brilliantly.

Good times.

Football was a bit underwhelming as we only had 3 a side however the post football pub trip was graced by both Mr Grafton and Mr Veron.

This meant good banter and pseudo-intellectual chat was had by all.

Although I still don't know what Phil was on about with improper super-adjective-noun-not-a-noun-indefinite-article-thingy but in Spanish not English.

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