Thursday, 26 January 2012

day 26

Sorry this week has not been treated as well as previous ones, but work has turned the screw a bit.

And I may have mentioned that I have a sty which has made me crabby.

Like seriously

Added to this a healthy dose of January blues and mid term students and the energy to produce this blog plummets.

Add to this that on Monday we found out that our department is being shrunk by 1 for next year, which means I have to reinterview for my job, and yeah this week has been tough.

However a few positives have emerged in the last 24 hour period.

Firstly I am now officially - I think - writing for a publishing company, even if it is only on a trial basis. I have 2 weeks to produce some BTEC resources for the new specification. This is a tall order but actually I am almost looking forward to the challenge. Besides that coffee doesn't drink itself!

Secondly after cleaning out the dead mussels and resetting the experiment - for science club naturally - we got really good evidence supporting the use of mussels as biofilters. Which is excellent! I really enjoyed gathering evidence for this, reminded me of my MSc dissertation, I think the students really enjoyed it to - in case you were wondering!

Thirdly, good reports back from parents evening! A great uptake from my group into triple science for next year, which means that have chosen to do science - hooray! but also some nice comments from parents about how much they enjoy science and how much they seem to have learned this year.


Finally Maria made me an awesome combination wrap when I got in, bacon, cheese and avocado. Absolutely stunning.

And tomorrow is Friday!

Happy days, off to see Mum and Becki for their respective birthdays this weekend and my Dad who has managed to go for a walk which is a good sign.

Which means hopefully next week will be better.

Next week will be better!

Though busier!

Although I have nearly got my BTEC marking under control which will make a big impact on my workload.

Right off for a bath a read and maybe a night cap.

Have a good one.

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