Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Day 31

A month, and only one missed post - owing to work and driving - I don't think that is a bad effort at all.

It has been hard in places - yesterday for example!

However I have got there.

Today was pay-day so excellent.

Also lessons were pretty good.

The night has snuck up on me so I am to tired to properly blog.

Tomorrow we are out on a Scarlet House social. Should be interesting - all you can eat! Hooray.

Year 7's were lush today but not really down with twitter, meant the plenary was interesting.

My year 8's were brilliant and seemed to enjoy learning about volcanoes - who wouldn't? tomorrow we are making temporary magnets!

Which should be class.

Year 9's were better today, still to noisy but at least no fights!


Battery is dying, I am sleepy.

Oh I did write a song/poem about dwarf planets today - it was during a lesson I am not THAT geeky, well maybe a little?

Dwarf planets are small,
Can’t clear their orbit at all,
Ceres is the first in line,
They orbit in space and time,
Pluto was a planet,
Got downgraded – damn it!
Got small gravity,
But more than you and me,
Haumea and Makemake together,
In space forever?
The last dwarf is Eris,
But it couldn’t care less!

Have some of that! 

Well, one day...

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