Wednesday, 4 January 2012

4th day - 04/01/12

Late post band practice ran on... more on that later!

Lessons went really well today, the highlight was my year 10's working on their motor kits. Really good effort put in and lots of hard work to get them to work - and very few electric shocks!

Not a bad effort for a last lesson at all.

In a similar vein my year 8's made straw clarinets - cut the end of a drinking straw into a V and blow on it to make a sound, quite tricky really.

Here's how they should look;

So today's school based happy point has been the resilience shown at practicals by my students.

Which I will take for a win!

Also my new lab is nice and bright and it fills me with hope.

Band practice - first practice with new bass.

The bass sounded awesome, very glad I purchased it.

Practice was very productive lots of songs worked on and some new ones attempted. Also got to crack out the harmonica's for a few new songs as well as some older ones - always nice to pretend to be an old school blues harp player.

The sound has really moved on a lot in 12 months. Although it wasn't until I got home that I realised it had been a year since I first started practising with the band, well there abouts.

Doesn't time fly!

Speaking of which we are planning on doing a new recording at the end of March, the last EP was recorded in September! Where has that 4 ish months gone?

I think the plan is to combine EP's to make a full length album though the songs at the minute are nth degree better than the ones recorded in September. However we still love our EP you can hear it here -

So all things considered another good day especially when you take into account avoiding most of the bad weather and Maria having tidied the flat and cooked my a jacket potato while I was at practice.

Another night going to bed very happy and contented.

Roll on Thursday and teaching the dangers of smoking and an assessed piece of writing with my year 11's.

Oh and before I forget I found that the OU run some free online modules (600) for people who want to improve knowledge in certain areas. I am interested in the science and education sections but take a look they range from 1- 50 hours. They can be found here I think it's got to be a better way to brush up on some things than Wikipedia (although I do love a bit of Wiki).

Night night.

See you tomorrow.

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